chromebookpixel-lteThe Google Chromebook might not be the easiest device to locate in the market at the moment, but things might change in the future eventually. After all, Google has recently made the announcement that the Acer Chromebook which is going for $200 a pop, where it will sport a 16GB Solid State Drive, will make its mark in over 2,800 Walmart stores since yesterday. Apart from the Acer Chromebooks, there will also be other Chromebook models that will be made available at Staples stores from last weekend onwards.

Of course, if you wanted to pick up a Chromebook in the past, you would have looked in the direction of Best Buy and, although the introduction of the Chromebook in a whole lot more brick-and-mortar stores ought to see its visibility levels increase, and Google executives too, would most likely carve a smile on their faces since it should translate to a higher sales figure in the long run, offering a decent entry level computing system without compromising on performance and looks. Staples physical and online stores will offer a healthy mix of Acer, HP, and Samsung Chromebooks which ought to appeal to those who are about to return to school, while business customers can pick up the Chromebooks via the Staples business program should your company wants to deploy Chrome OS across the entire department.

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