walmart-qrWalmart, one of the mainstays of American culture when it comes to stores in that part of the world, has decided to make use of bus stops by using them to display QR codes as part of a virtual store drive. This is definitely a different approach to the usual advertising ideas that we see out there, as QR codes at public areas like bus stops have the potential of reaching out to curious customers, and potentially converting some of them over to your cause along the way. The QR codes have been pasted across bus shelters around Toronto, Canada, and if you were to use your mobile device to access those codes, you will be redirected to their mobile site, where you can then make the relevant purchases on the spot.

Hmmm, grocery shopping while you wait for your bus? Definitely an idea that will work among the younger generation who wants everything to be fast, and this is a group of people who do not need to inspect their wares before purchasing them, and do not mind the lack of human interactivity along the way. Walmart has plans to launch another 50 of these ‘online bus stores’ soon.

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