We’ve seen Google Glass used to capture a number of amazing moments like a marriage proposal, and offer a first-hand look at a game of ice hockey. Now, we can add live streaming a surgery to that ever-growing list of Google Glass firsts.

Using Google Glass for medical purposes isn’t anything new as we saw the wearable computer’s first facial recognition software be used for an application called MedRef. But this is the first time a doctor has used Google Glass in order to live-stream a surgery. Dr. Rafael Grossman used Google Glass to stream an the process of inserting a feeding tube into a patient, although Grossman made sure to keep the patient’s confidentiality intact. The live-stream was used in order to help medical students get a first-hand look at the procedure from an iPad, which is much more convenient than having to stand around in the operating room.

This is certainly an interesting step for Google Glass as it’s being used as an educational tool, although we’re sure there are going to be people who are against it due to privacy issues.

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