We’ve seen some Google Glass-specific applications starting to be developed like the Glass to Facebook app and Reddit app, but finally, a facial recognition application has been developed that takes Google’s original theory of what could be possible with the wearable computer, and turns it to reality.

The application is called MedRef for Glass and was developed by a team of computer programmers at a medical hackathon to help hospital employees pull up patient information based on Google Glass’ ability to recognize a person’s face. Through MedRef for Glass, medical professionals are able to view a patient’s folder that can include photo, voice and text notes, and since it’s shareable with Google Glass, other physicians and nurses can have immediate access to these records.

This is a great first step to allow developers create facial recognition software for Google Glass. As great as an idea for facial recognition as MedRef for Glass seems, we could certainly see a future for a similar application being developed which can hopefully help people with terrible memories remember a person based on their face as well as help capture a criminal if someone’s Google Glass happens to spot them while they’re walking around town.

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