In a new white paper, Google describes that a movie’s box office performance can be predicted by the searches that it receives. Google says that filmmakers and studios are likely to get a better idea of what viewers want based on the type and number of their searches. The internet search giant believes that viewers are most likely to watch a movie after they look up information about it, and we all know Google is the number one location for looking up things on the internet.

It is able to predict with 90% to 92% accuracy, based on search data, how much a particular movie will make on the box office during its first two weeks in theaters. Some of the things they look at include how many times a movie’s trailer is searched for on YouTube as well as on Google Search. If the numbers jump considerably on opening weekend as compared to another movie opening at the same time, the first movie may rake in an additional revenue upwards of $4 million. Predictions can be made for movies of all kinds and all genres, since they’re essentially predicting off search results. The entire paper can be read in detail, here.

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