ie11Back when Microsoft first made an official announcement of the details on its upcoming free Windows 8.1 upgrade, there was a mention of Internet Explorer 11 as the stock browser of choice, but we are left pondering the question on whether Internet Explorer 11 will also make an appearance over on Windows 7, just like the same route that Microsoft decided to take when it came to IE11’s predecessor, the aptly retro-numbered IE10. According to, Microsoft is not going to mention plans concerning the release of IE11 beyond Windows 8.1 at this point in time, where a Microsoft spokesperson stated, “We aren’t sharing anything around which versions of Windows IE11 will be available on at this time.”


This is where we look back into the past and draw upon hindsight as well as the annals of history to determine whether a particular app or software has a future where it is right now. Normally, Microsoft practices this method – each new web browser release hopes to cover as much Windows ground as possible, but when it came to IE10, that version failed to make the grade when it came to Windows XP and Windows Vista platforms, targeting just Windows 8 with a Windows 7 rolling out a few months after that.

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