Nintendo announced it would be bringing E3 to its fans by teaming up with Best Buy to provide Wii U kiosks with demos of newly announced titles at select cities across North America, which we feel was definitely a good move for the company considering how poor Wii U sales have been ever since its release this past November. But leave it to Microsoft to crash Nintendo’s party to try to persuade potential Wii U customers into buying an Xbox One instead.

There have been numerous reports coming in from multiple Best Buy locations where Nintendo is holding its special E3 experience that Microsoft employees have been talking to people on line asking why they would bother buying a Wii U when the Xbox One’s release is right around the corner. One NeoGAF member even took a picture of what looks to be a Microsoft employee talking to those in line, which you can clearly see the man is wearing a Microsoft shirt. It’s unsure just how many potential or current Wii U customers were spoken to during the special E3 event, but one member of the message board said they were visited by a Microsoft representative in Culver City, California.

We know a large number of gamers have turned against Microsoft ever since they announced the Xbox One, but infiltrating Nintendo’s planned events in order to coerce potential Wii U customers into buying an Xbox One has got to be a new low for the company. We do know Microsoft recently announced “Windows Stores” would start popping up in 500 Best Buy locations, which could also be the reason why Microsoft employees were spotted at some of the Best Buy stores where Nintendo just so happened to be holding its special E3-related Wii U demo events.

Either way, considering how many public events have been ambushed by a competing company’s representatives in order to promote their own products, we certainly can see something like this happening when you factor in just how important the next generation of video games is concerned.

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