Now here is an interesting idea that scientists of the future might want to explore, especially when it comes to building up the most efficient workforce, by cloning someone using a single drop of blood. Well, if they have managed to do it in Japan, why not do so elsewhere? Of course, the single drop of blood resulted in the clone of a mouse, and not a human, but if one were to extrapolate this achievement down the road, we could see some really interesting arguments among scientists kick off.

In Japan, the scientists used circulating blood cells that were collected from the tail of a donor mouse, and these blood cells were used to produce the clone. Apparently, this female mouse managed to live a normal lifespan, and it could even give birth to young, according to the researchers who were behind this achievement. Apparently, this technique might be used to generate genetic copies of invaluable strains of mice sometime down the road, and perhaps for other species, too.

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