Superman might have insane physical attributes that would certainly make him a deity in less developed cultures, but he is no Professor X – which means he will still need a mobile phone in order to communicate with someone else far away, although he can always fly to that particular destination to have a face-to-face talk. The thing is, a telepath would still be able to cripple Kal-El, which is why a smartphone does play a role in the latest Man of Steel movie, where Nokia is the smartphone of choice. We did bring you word that the Finnish smartphone manufacturer has already rolled out a Superman-themed Nokia Lumia 925 in China, and here we are with a featurette of the Man of Steel movie above showing off a Nokia Lumia 925 in action sometime during 9:42 in the video.

Such a strategic product placement would make for decent timing, considering how the Nokia Lumia 925 will arrive at select markets around the world at approximately the same time. Obviously, it would be an absolute shocker should General Zod suddenly make an appearance on your Windows Phone device, no? Which has been some of the more memorable product placements in movies that you have seen?

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