porsche-gokartIt looks like the higher social classes, especially those folks who indulge in fine dining experiences, travel by First Class wherever they go, and are chauffeured from door to door, have a totally different level of “toys” to play with. Kids born with a silver spoon in their mouths would soon be able to drive their very own Porsche without having to wait until they have received their driving license – thanks to a recently released pedal-powered go-kart that will target those who are aged at least five until, er, your butt can no longer cram into the bucket seat.

Specially designed for children who weigh up to 110 pounds, the Porsche Go-Kart will boast of a tubular steel frame, low-profile inflatable tires, sports seat, composite rims and a rear braking system. Hmmm, this sounds pretty much like one of those rides to roll off the production lines in Stuttgart, except that you won’t be able to clock insane speeds on this Go-Kart. Those who are mulling over what to get for their little ones later this Christmas can start shopping around early, as the Porsche Go-Kart retails for $900 a pop.

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