Do you know when your car is in need of a service? Usually when you send your car in for service, you’ll be given a date for your next service, or a certain mileage that when you hit it, you should send it in for service. However, these are just general guidelines and sometimes, your car might actually need servicing a lot earlier than that.

To help make servicing more reliable, Porsche is testing out what they’re calling a “digital twin” which is essentially a virtual copy of your car. It will use algorithms that rely on data gathered from your sensors that can then better predict when you need to service your car based on your driving style.

For example, if you tend to push your car to the limits quite a bit and go on the tracks, you might need to take a look at your car’s suspension earlier compared to other non-track drivers. It might even be able to anticipate faults in certain components before it actually happens, which not only makes it easier for mechanics to repair, but it could save you time from having to suffer from a breakdown on a highway and it’s just safer overall.

The company plans on launching the digital twin feature in 2022, but they are currently field testing it out with volunteer owners of the Taycan. According to Porsche, not only will this make servicing your car smarter and keep it running safer, but it could also be used to more accurately assess the residual value of your car.

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