Even though summer season has yet to officially begin, summer kicks off unofficially in the U.S. after Memorial Day, which means you’re probably planning on making numerous trips to your local beach, or at least plan to getaway where there will be some kind of beach. As relaxing an experience as heading to the beach is, one of the major annoyances is the fact sand can get everywhere and anywhere, especially if you forgot to bring a towel with you to lie down on. But a new bag can help keep your possessions sand-free.

The Shake doesn’t actually bounce sand off its surface, but instead, it features a velcro flap which you can remove to then shake the bag to remove any bits of sand that may have accumulated inside of it. The best part of the Shake is its velcro flap doesn’t look out of place as it looks like its a decorative piece, making you one stylish and smart beachgoer.

The Shake is available on Quirky for $90, which seems like a steep price for just a bag, but if you absolutely hate sand getting everywhere, then you may want to consider checking it out. On the other hand, you could just never go to a beach again.

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