How many of you have ever purchased a bag and felt compelled to return it a few days later because you were unhappy with the design you chose? The Androcell is a backpack that won’t ever have such problems. This concept bag is covered with e-paper that allows you to easily change the design of your bag or use the back of the backpack as a computer which you can even use to transfer files. It comes with built in speakers for your music needs, and of course has a zip for you to use it as a regular backpack. The best part about the Androcell is that it is solar powered, so you can be sure it won’t run out of juice while you’re outdoors. The bag is also completely made of biodegradable materials, so when it has run the course of its life cycle, it is easy to get rid of. It is an interesting concept design that will no doubt garner a lot of attention; let’s see whether it makes it into production, though it’ll probably cost a bomb to make and sell. Hit the break for another picture of the Androcell:Androcell

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