We’re pretty sure in addition to hearing about the latest tech news, you probably also like hearing about the latest cool things that have to do with your favorite TV shows, books or films. Star Wars has got to be one of the biggest franchises that most often has its fans creating something inspired by the films, and today we’re taking a look at this awesome Millennium Falcon Bed.

The Millennium Falcon Bed was created by Kayla Kromer from Austin, Texas back in 2009, which you can certainly tell this photo was taken before the 2010s kicked in just by her choice in carpet alone. The bed features two blue lights in the front and even has a small pillow on top where the Millennium Falcon’s satellite dish is placed.

Unfortunately for you Star Wars fans out there, the Millennium Falcon Bed isn’t for sale, but there is a way for you to get yourself under the sheets of this awesome bed. Unfortunately, it means you’ll have to wine and dine Kromer, but if that means you get to go to sleep while also doing the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, then we’re sure she wouldn’t mind having a sleepover.

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