thebandWhen it comes to smartphone accessories, you can be sure that these are dime a dozen in the highly competitive market of today. Hence, it could prove rather challenging for any accessory manufacturer to actually come up with something that is out of the ordinary, and accessory outfit Tylt has come up with The Band, which happens to be a smartphone car charger. The thing is, it is no ordinary smartphone car charger, where it brings an innovative look by offering a chunky, ribbon-style cable that is perpetually tidy since it will not tangle up at all.

Tylt’s The Band intends to address one particular issue affecting most smartphone car chargers – these tend to end up in a jumbled mess just after some weeks, mainly due to the cord’s design. Hence, here we are with a new kind of cable that looks more like one of those IDE cables in a hard drive, and you can more or less be sure that it will not end up in a jumbled mess even after a year of using it. The thing is, would anyone fork out $40 for a minor convenience? [Product Page]

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