tokyoflash-medWhen it comes to watches, not all of them are created equal, that is for sure, which is why we have the luxury watch segment that is dominated by the likes of Rolex and Omega. One the lower end of the opposite scale, there are Swatches, but what happens when you want to inject some digital goodness into such watches? Tokyoflash has long gained a reputation for delivering difficult to decipher timepieces (at first glance, anyways), and they continued in such a tradition with the latest Kisai Intoxicated wristwatch that comes with an integrated breathalyzer, allowing you to check if your blood alcohol content (BAC) happens to be below the legal limit so that you can drive yourself home.

There is a cap that is located on the side which will be able to open up, revealing a tiny port that sports a sensor within. A single push of a button is required as you blow into the port for five seconds to let the breathalyzer work its wonders. The screen’s meter will determine your BAC, where you should not go behind the wheel if it is red in color. Expect the Tokyoflash Kisai Intoxicated watch to cost $99 a pop, although this price is for a limited time only. Frankly, if you won’t even listen to your friends by telling them that you’re sober even though you are not, what makes you think a watch is going to stop you from driving when under the influence?

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