ViziLeaks seem to be the lucky ones to get plenty of scoops concerning the unannounced Nokia Lumia EOS, where we have seen our fair share of leaked photo after leaked photo, where some of these images are probably the prototypes of the real thing, where this latest edition smartphone to roll out from the Lumia stable is tipped to run on Windows Phone 8 as the mobile operating system of choice alongside sporting a 41-megapixel camera.

ViziLeaks has gone one step further though, by recording a video of the Nokia EOS’ camera bump. We are talking about an extreme close up here, where the video that you see above will depict the lens shutter on the camera, but other than that, nothing new can be garnered. Why can’t they just release a video of the entire device from various angles? That would certainly be worth watching, but I guess it is a matter of time before they churn out another teaser video fo the Nokia EOS from another viewpoint. Surely this is a slow and steady tease, no? We do wonder just how did ViziLeaks get their hands on of the device in the first place though.

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