xbox-one-licensingFor those living in the US, you guys probably know that you will be able to pick up Microsoft’s brand new Xbox One gaming console in November for $499. However for our readers living in Asia, you guys aren’t going to be so lucky. While we guess you might not have expected Asia’s launch of the Xbox One to be the same as the US, having to wait an entire year seems a little silly, but apparently that’s what Microsoft will be doing. According to Alan Bowman, Microsoft’s Regional VP for Sales and Marketing in Asia, the Xbox One gaming console is expected to arrive in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and India around late 2014. So not only do gamers in those countries have to wait the same 6 months that those of us living stateside have to wait, but they’ve got to wait an additional 12 months or so. There was no mention of Japan so it is possible that Japan might be on the same release schedule as the US, but for our Asian readers living in the countries mentioned above, you guys are out of luck. Has this affected your decision to buy the console, or are you willing to wait it out?

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