Mount Everest is the highest mountain on this planet, rising some 29,029 feet above sea level. Many aspiring and professional mountaineers undertake the titanic task of climbing Mount Everest every year, and now they’ll be connected to LTE once they reach a base station at the top of the mountain. China Mobile has teamed up with Huawei to deploy LTE-TDD services on top on Mount Everest. The technology solutions for this service have been provided by Huawei. It is said that now more than 200 users will be able to livestream HD video at the base camp.

2G mobile services have been available at Mount Everest since 2007, when China Mobile started providing the service, with tech solutions being provided by none other than Huawei. This was done to ensure safety of climbers as well as to prepare for one leg of the 2008 Olympic Games torch relay. President of Huawei Wireless Networks, David Wang, said that bringing 4G to this iconic mountain marks an important milestone in the global development of LTE TDD. So if you’re on your way to Mount Everest, be sure to carry your LTE capable device.

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