US Cellular today launched a new 4G router for consumers and small business owners, offering them 4G LTE connectivity. This router would be perfect for customers who aren’t serviced by DSL or cable providers, or simply customers who just don’t want their connection to be limited to one location. One can use the router at home or at the office by simply taking it along with them.

Bear in mind though that this isn’t a portable router, so its not like users will be able to access the 4G LTE network in the car. The router doesn’t have a battery. It is actually a Netgear LG2200D router which has been specially customized for US Cellular. The router is capable of supporting up to 30 Wi-Fi clients as well as four ethernet-connected device through its LAN ports. The two USB ports can be used to share an external drive or a printer with network clients.

Customers will need to sign up for a two year data plan. The router itself costs $99, they will pay for service on top of that. There are a variety of plans available that offer data caps from 300MB up to 75GB, obviously the plan’s cost goes up as the data allowance increases.

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