daniel-phone-newWhere else would you go to literally make the highest Skype video call on earth? Why, as high up as possible on the highest point on earth, and Mount Everest would be as good a choice as any, of course. In fact, that was where U.K. resident Daniel Hughes decided to go to in his bid to make the highest ever Skype video call to date. This particular mission was incubated in 2010 when Hughes, a commercial airline pilot, made up his mind to raise money in order to assist the well-known U.K. children’s charity Comic Relief. He decided, why not make a Skype call while on top of Mount Everest?

Having put his mind to it, Hughes spent most of the past two years, roping in sponsors who believed in him for the trip, and smartphone company HTC as well as satellite connection provider Inmarsat were part of the “team” to help him hook up to connect to Skype, regardless of where he is in the world. Earlier in May this year, Hughes managed to scale Mount Everest, and May 19th was the historical day when he successfully performed his Skype video call to BBC News at the summit of Everest, while wearing the red clown nose which so happens to be symbol of the Comic Relief charity.

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