samsung-apple211Both Apple and Samsung have been at each other’s throats over the past couple of years, battling each other in the courts over who infringed on whose patents, with attempts to resolve the dispute having fall through. However according to a new report from the folks over at The Wall Street Journal, they claim that both Apple and Samsung are back at the tables in yet another attempt to settle their dispute peacefully without having to go through the courts. According to the report, Samsung is currently pushing for a broad patent cross-licensing deal that should resolve all outstanding legal disputes that both companies have with each other.


Whether Apple is agreeable to such a deal remains unknown, but it seems that both companies have been reported to be “close” to reaching a deal over the past few months. We’ve seen Samsung and Apples talks fall through so there’s no reason to believe that this time it will be successful, although we’re sure many agree that it’s been going on for far too long and it’s about time that both companies reach an agreement. After all if Apple and HTC managed to make peace with one another, we don’t see why Samsung can’t either!

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