iphone-5-inch-screen-analystWhen Apple releases a new iPhone, they typically keep the previous generation models around for a while, usually doubling up as a cheaper alternative for those who don’t see the need to have the latest and greatest. However with the upcoming iPhone 5S and the iPhone Lite, rumor has it that Apple could be looking to halt production of the iPhone 5 and focus on their two new phones instead. Considering that the iPhone Lite will be the low-cost alternative to the iPhone 5S, we guess the iPhone 5 won’t really have a place, although we’re not sure if customers will appreciate having to choose between a plastic body and an aluminum unibody.

According to ETNews, the reason behind the halting of production of the iPhone 5 is due to the in-cell technology. For those unfamiliar with in-cell technology, this is the technology that has allowed Apple to make the iPhone thinner than its predecessor by removing an extra layer in the display. Apparently the technology required for in-cell technology is not suitable for low-volume production, hence the discontinuation of the iPhone 5. This is surprising given that the iPhone 5S is expected to be largely similar to the iPhone 5, just with some internal hardware changes made to the processor, GPU, and camera. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for more info.

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