Latest reports suggest that Apple will be making a substantial switch to IGZO displays for next generation devices for 2014. The company is said to be in serious talks with LG and Sharp over production of IGZO display panels. Sharp is said to be increasing its production capacity whereas LG is reportedly upgrading its LCD and AMOLED production lines that are used for manufacturing these displays. IGZO displays consume relatively less power and will result in improved battery life.

IGZO, which is an indium gallium zinc oxide semiconductor, is used in thin-film transistor or TFTs that can control a compatible substrate such as glass, which is a non-conducting substrate. Oxide semiconductors offer greater electron mobility as compared to amorphous silicon, all of this is geek speak for the fact that IGZO displays will consume less power and will increase the overall battery life for a device. Apple will reportedly be incorporating this technology in the next MacBook line, said to release in the first half of 2014, as well apart from the next iPad that is likely to be released in Q4, 2013.

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