We reported on Friday that Deus Ex: The Fall would not allow jailbroken iOS devices to fire guns. iOS devices are usually jailbroken to open up a world of customization that would otherwise not be possible on stock iOS. On the other hand, some users jailbreak their devices to install pirated apps that they don’t want to pay for. The move seemed to have been made to curb piracy of this game, but given the outcry from users, the publishers of Deus Ex have decided to switch this off.

Square Enix, the publishers, have also issued an apology, saying that they hadn’t stated clearly from the start that Deus Ex would not support jailbroken devices. They will soon be releasing an update which will ensure that anyone who wants to play the game can easily do so, regardless of whether their device is jailbroken or not. However they’ve not said when exactly this update is going to be rolled out. While some might say it was right of them to enforce this, the fact remains that not jailbreakers are involved in piracy, and leaving them out of the net wouldn’t exactly be a good move on their part.

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