Good news Deus Ex fans! It looks like Square Enix has a treat for you guys in the form of Deus Ex: The Fall. This is a mobile version of Deux Ex that Square Enix will be launching on both Apple’s iOS platform as well as Google’s Android. Unfortunately a specific release date for the game has yet to be determined, although Square Enix did state that gamers can look forward to it this summer, and it should cost $6.99. According to Square Enix’s description of the game:

Betrayed by your employers and on a mission to uncover the truth behind a drugs conspiracy, players control of the augmented ex-British SAS mercenary, Ben Saxon. This is the first mobile game in the series and events take place directly after the conclusion of the James Swallow novel, Deus Ex: Icarus Effect.

Deus Ex: The Fall is a unique story-driven action game, with all the characteristics that you’ve come to love from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, augmented for handheld devices.

For iOS users, the game is expected to be playable on both the iPhone and iPad, although we’re not sure if the game will be friendly for Android tablets or if it will be limited to handsets only. Either way hopefully we will be able to learn more during E3, so check back with us then for the details, but in the meantime check out Deux Ex: The Fall announcement video above.

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