ea-9There is nothing quite like having new items and material within a game that adds new life to it. Expansion packs as well as DLCs (downloadable content) have been pretty much the regular additions to existing games for quite some time already, and this particular modus operandi does not seem as though it is going to stop anytime soon. SimCity, a game that has managed to garner its fair share of fans over the past months, has also irked gamers somewhat due to some of the niggling issues that were part of the $60 game. Well, it seems that EA has not gotten tired of treating gamers with apparent contempt, as they look set to receive even more criticism with the latest DLC pack.

We do know that the most recent DLC would be SimCity Airships, and it is available via Origin for $9 a pop – which is rather expensive considering how you would have invested $60 on the game itself prior. Do you think that EA should have charged a whole lot less? Hopefully, the backlash from SimCity fans will be less pronounced this time around, but it is difficult to see no negative feedback at all.

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