We often see many unique ways that people use to propose to their future spouses on the internet. Such efforts often gain quite a lot of attention on the internet, and the one we’re featuring here today certainly deserves attention. A gamer who goes by EquinnoxX modified the Contra NES game as a proposal, the girlfriend needed to beat the game in order for the proposal to actually show up. Contra is a run and gun action game that was developed and published by Konami in 1987, a home version for NES was released in 1988.


Those who are familiar with the game know that it isn’t exactly easy to beat. Nevertheless, the girlfriend was able to beat the game, and then saw the original ending text which had been replaced with the proposal. He doesn’t say if there was a contingency plan if she failed to beat Contra. The “will you marry me” phrase looks a bit unorthodox because EquinnoxX had to go with the ellipsis since there’s no question mark character in the game, but that didn’t affect the outcome. She said yes.

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