lg-webos-sdkJust like how a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so too, is a Smart TV as “smart” as the apps that run on it. You can have all of the hardware capability available, but if it is unable to be accompanied by the relevant apps to keep it going or to maximize its potential, then it is all for naught. LG has then taken the step to unveil its Software Development Kit (SDK) in order to assist developers in creating new LG Smart+ TV apps without being bogged down like in the past.

There is this new website that will enable developers to be able to obtain all of the required information in order to churn out high quality webOS TV apps. With LG’s SDK, it will go some lengths to simplify the development process so that they can write apps that are compatible with the company’s Smart+ TVs.

The LG Smart+ TV Emulator will enable developers to able to set up a virtual webOS TV experience right there and then on a PC itself. The SDK boasts of a developer-friendly user interface, where it will play nice with standard web technologies which range from HTML to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript, among others.

You can also draw more information on the website through various tech-related documents, development tips, sample apps, design guide, FAQs and developer forum. With the Application Programming Interface (API) guide, developers ought to be able to get started right from the get go with a relatively low learning curve. After all, with over a million LG Smart+ TVs sold worldwide, the “field” has plenty of potential users. [Press Release]

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