Huawei, a Chinese company, is one of the largest manufacturers of networking equipment in the world. Its equipment is used in a number of countries around the world, Huawei’s technology is also providing 4G LTE at Mount Everest. Nevertheless the company has been subject to quite a lot of criticism, particularly in the UK and U.S. It is widely believed that Huawei is likely to assist state sponsored hacking attempts from China against the West. William Plummer, Huawei’s VP of external affairs, says that if people have proof of some threat they should bring it to light, “or shut up.”

Plummer went so far as to say that these allegations are “racist corporate defamation” against the company, given its Chinese background. Huawei recently said that it was moving focus away from carrier business in the U.S. A congressional report has even termed its technology as a national security risk. Earlier today it was reported that the UK will be reviewing Huawei’s cybersecurity centre in England, over possible concerns of cyberattacks. U.S. has long alleged that China mounts cyberattacks against its public and private interests, whereas China denies any wrongdoing.

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