ifetchKickstarter projects come and go, and from time to time, something that tugs at your heartstrings appear. For pet owners (in particular dogs), here is a little something which might just attract your attention enough so that you will drop some serious coin and make the iFetch indoor ball launcher a reality. The idea behind the iFetch was conceived after the Hamill family from Austin, Texas, who happens to own an extremely active toy poodle named Prancer who loved to play fetch, decided to create a machine that would keep Prancer occupied with the game even when no one is at home. Hence, the iFetch prototype was born, and it is now a Kickstarter project that leverages on your generosity so that it can be a reality among the masses.

The iFetch journey was a long one – three years in length, in fact, and can be best described as an indoor ball launcher for small-to-medium sized dogs. All you need to do is train your dog to “reload” the iFetch, and your investment will be golden. Once a ball is inserted into its funnel, the iFetch will power up and launch said ball. All it takes is a donation of at least $50 for you to receive an iFetch, and so far, they have already surpassed their funding goal by over 300%. [Kickstarter Page]

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