Prior to June 20th it was rumored that Instagram was going to launch its Vine rival. Indeed it did, called Video on Instagram, the service allows users to create and share 15 second video clips as opposed to the six second clips that Vine allows. Towards the end of June it was reported that Instagram had significantly reduced Vine’s dominance and as per a new report from BGR, the onslaught continues.


Vine’s download volume is declining at a fast pace. In the U.S. Vine was the No.3 free iPhone app prior to the release of Video on Instagram. It held the top spot as recently as June 13th. On July 7th it was down in No.16. Similar trends have been noticed in the U.K. and other European markets. In the U.K. Vine app slid down from its No.7 spot to No.21 on July 7th, in Switzerland it dropped to No.23. Its the same in Latin American markets as well, with the app plunging download from No.16 to No.86 in Brazil. Just last week Vine released a major update of its iOS app with features like private channels and re-vinning, still it could not regain its previous spots in over a week. What’s your take on this, do you find yourself forgetting about Vine and being consumed by Video on Instagram?

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