The iPhone 4 is two generations old, making it pretty old as far as smartphone technology is concerned, but apparently there is still plenty of appeal left to the device, possibly aided by its lower price tag. This is according to a new sales report from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech who reports that during the period of May to June 2013, Apple enjoyed a surge of sales which was largely thanks to the iPhone 4 which managed to catapult Apple’s market share in the UK up by 5.2%, putting them at around 30.5% of the British smartphone market.

Kantar analyst Dominic Sunnebo attributes the sales to the affordability of the iPhone 4, making it appealing to first-time smartphone buyers who might not be that keen on spending that much money on a high-end iPhone. According to Sunnebo, “Much of the market share growth for iOS in Britain is thanks to the competitively priced iPhone 4 attracting first time smartphone buyers. More than a third of iPhone 4’s sold were to consumers who have never owned a smartphone before, compared with just one in 10 new customers buying the iPhone 5.”

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