kim-dotcom-mega-anti-nsaKim Dotcom is a man who is no stranger to controversy, that’s for sure, and this time around, he intends to offer something that most folks would most probably trip over in their quest to obtain it – we are referring to his Mega service rolling out an encrypted messaging service anytime from a month to a month and a half from now. This web-based messaging platform is said to be secure enough that even the folks over at the NSA are unable to eavesdrop on it, or so that is what has been touted across some channels on the Internet.

Mega CEO Vikram Kumar claims that the Internet is the new battleground for a crypto war, and the public will emerge as the winners. Kim Dotcom’s Mega prides itself in the company branding that leans more towards “The Privacy Company,” and hope to expand its range of services with a slew of private communication tools. Other than the private messaging platform, we are also looking at the possibility of an encrypted email service. Dotcom said, “We expect to have messaging within Mega in four to six weeks, and within apps in two to three months A full-scale encrypted email service is expected to be released in six to nine months. That’s the roadmap. There is always a chance for delays depending on the challenges we encounter.”

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