How many of you out there hate wearing ties to work, but have no choice simply because that is the dress code of the company or organization? Well, there is always the possibility of you moving to a different company that allows you to wear something far more casual; but will it be a job that suits you – and more importantly, do you feel good vibes in that position? Having said that, Bill Porter decided to spruce up the humble tie that is the bane of many a male office worker, spending a good four hours of his life to churn out this mini-controller-powered LED Tetris tie.

Yes sir, a tie that comes with a fully functional LED layout which will depict various tetrominoes falling down from the top to the bottom. What you see has been pre-programmed, hence the tetrominoes will move a certain way. Who knows, we could very well be on the receiving end of a playable smartphone-powered version in due time? Keep your fingers crossed, but if you have always hated wearing ties, perhaps the LED Tetris tie might change your mind. Man, if only it was up for sale, I am quite sure that it would have garnered a fair number of followers right from the get go.

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