Back in 2012, a group of Final Fantasy fans put together a proof of concept video that showed what Final Fantasy 7 might look like if it were turned into a live-action television series. Well the good news is that if you loved the idea, it looks like the project will be made a reality, assuming that the team behind it is able to raise enough money to make it happen. The team has come together with a Pittsburg studio called Shinra Productions and together movie professionals around the world numbering around 250 team members, they are looking to turn their concept into a full web series.


At the moment they have casted Tifa and Barret’s actors and the show is expected to take on a season-based format and will be available via YouTube. It will cover the memorable scenes that gamers might remember from the original game. The good news is that if you were worried about it getting shut down due to copyright reasons, fret not as the team has managed to secure the music rights to the game as well as having received the blessings from the series’ creator. If you’d like to see the project made a reality, you can hop on over to its Kickstarter page for the details and to help them raise money to make it happen. At this time of posting the project has managed to raise $2,708 and is far from its $400,000 goal.

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