GPS navigational systems have evolved over the years, with our smartphones these days being more than capable of doubling up as a navigation system as well, but sometimes just because you can be directed to your destination, there are times when you still need to do a bit of searching before you find it. An example would be how a navigation system could guide you to a particular area, but finding the shop itself could be tricky, or there might not be a drivable road. Well Mercedes-Benz is hoping to change that with Google Glass.


This was revealed (via Business Journal) by the company’s R&D president of North America, Johann Jungwirth, where he revealed the company’s plans to utilize Google Glass to help create a seamless transition between states, such as driving to walking, and vice versa. This would basically allow the user to keep in their destination at home, walk to their car where the GPS would switch to drive mode, and then when they get down from their car, it would switch to walking mode.

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