Plenty of consumer electronics devices in your living room tend to be accompanied by a remote control of its own, and I am quite sure that you find those to be extremely useful since you need not get off from your rear end in order to change the channel or adjust the volume levels. Well, household kitchen devices might not seem to be the ideal candidates for life with a remote control, but what about this – using Raspberry Pi to control them in a hack? That certainly sounds like a viable option, as you can see in the video above.

Developer Nathan Broadbent has decided to transform his ordinary microwave, without the help of the Allspark to boot, to become a fancy talking microwave. We are looking at what he has termed as the Raspberry Picrowave, so to speak, where it is capable of updating its clock online, making use of a barcode scanner in order to obtain cooking instructions and recipes from a database, the ability to comprehend voice commands, and best of all, being able to be controlled by your own smartphone.

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