nerf-sentryGandalf, when he was busy battling the Balrog in Lord of the Rings, was pretty stern when he laid down the law in front of the Balrog, shouting the now immortal words, “You shall not pass!” I suppose you can also do so in a geeky manner with the Nerf Vulcan sentry gun, which so happens to be a DIY project that anyone with some free time is capable of doing. It is interesting that BrittLiv’s modified Vulcan is capable of taking aim and firing automatically, but it has also been specially programmed in a manner so that it will not fire at targets that happen to wear an Instructables robot shirt. Now that is certainly very cute, and of course, a unique move!

BrittLiv had this to say regarding the project, “If you’ve been browsing through my other instructables, you might have noticed that I am obsessed with Nerf guns. So far, I’ve managed to infect just about everyone around me with the Nerf virus. It is really fun to see how these plastic toys turn grown men into small boys!”

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