samsung-galaxy-note-2-review--19With the success of the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2, it is not surprising that just like the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note 3 is a highly-anticipated device, with many wondering how it will look like, and what sort of specs it will pack under the hood. While we’ve heard rumors and seen leaks, a new report from the Asia Economic has suggested that the Galaxy Note 3 could be in “trouble”, and by that it means that there are manufacturing problems that could possibly delay the release of the phone.

According to the report, the Galaxy Note 3 will use a flexible, and thus more durable, OLED display. Unfortunately Samsung is finding it hard to make the display work on the phone and the manufacturing yield has yet to meet the levels of projected demand. The report then goes on to suggest that because of this, Samsung could either be forced to delay the Galaxy Note 3 until they resolve the issues, or they could instead replace the display with an older display type which does not sound like it would sit well with customers.

Of course all of this is highly suspect since rumors are rumors, and it should be taken with a grain of salt for now. However you might recall a while back that there were rumors that there could be multiple Galaxy Note 3 variants (some say even up to eight!), so perhaps one of the variants could use the older display and be sold first, while the one with the flexible OLED display could arrive later. In any case this is just speculation for now but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more info nonetheless, and in the meantime you can read our Galaxy Note 3 rumor roundup here.

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  • 1920x1080
  • Super AMOLED
  • 386 PPI
13 MP
  • f/2.2 Aperture
3200 mAh
  • Removable
  • No Wireless Charg.
  • Snapdragon 800
  • MicroSD
~$275 - Amazon
168 g
Launched in
Storage (GB)
  • 16
  • 32
  • 64