korea-ultrahdSo you think that you have got quite the large screen TV there in the living room, do you ? Perhaps, but does your TV do Ultra HD resolution? No? Perhaps it is time to sit back and read all about Ultra HD TVs and the kind of crazy resolutions that they support. It seems that the Korean Cable Television and Telecommunications Association went live just yesterday, where it kicked off with a pilot run of new channels.

There will be five content providers in total, where this particular group intends to ensure that crisp looking 4K footage – and beyond, of course, will be a treat to your eyes. We have absolutely no idea as to what is being shown of course, but that is besides the point. This Ultra HD channel is said to have launched a good half a year earlier than planned, and South Koreans will be happy to hear that this is ahead of a rival scheme which is tipped to roll out in their next door neighbor, Japan. I guess this means the Ultra HD service will arrive in commercialized form faster than expected.

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