image-285114-fullLast week American McGee and his studio, Spicy Horse, launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new game called OZombie, essentially a twisted take on the Wizard of Oz whose style appears to be somewhat similar to America McGee’s previous Alice releases. Now it looks like Spicy Horse’s ambitions have expanded beyond the video game world and they are now interested in possibly making a movie based on the Alice franchise, or maybe even creating short animations. To that extent Spicy Horse has announced on its Kickstarter page that they will be using some of the funds raised by its Kickstarter project to help secure a deal, so if you’re not that interested in the idea of OZombie, you can still pledge if you would like to see an Alice movie or short animation made.

As it stands the movie rights to Alice belong to another company, so by helping Spicy Horse fund their campaign, it would allow them to purchase that license that will allow them to produce Alice-related movies or short animations. It sounds pretty cool and if you weren’t that taken by the more light-hearted renditions of Alice in Wonderland, we can only imagine that Spicy Horse’s take on an Alice movie will be much darker, and extremely twisted. More information regarding their plans can be found in the source link below.

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