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Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter Project Successfully Funded
If you’ve played American McGee’s Alice series of video games, you might have heard our story on how the developer was looking to fund Alice: Otherlands, a project in which we will see Alice animated into short episodes where she dives into the mind of some of the great thinkers of the era. Well the good news for those who loved the franchise and were hoping to see the project […]

Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter Launched
Last week we reported that American McGee’s Spicy Horse studio had removed the proposal to purchase the Alice film rights from their OZombie Kickstarter campaign. Now it seems that a separate Kickstarter project has launched and this time it will focus solely on the Alice: Otherlands project. Unfortunately this means that America McGee had to choose between either project, and ultimately OZombie was placed on the backburner, but it does […]

American McGee To Remove Alice Film Rights From Kickstarter Campaign
Last week Spicy Horse games announced via its Kickstarter project page that they were hoping to use some of the money from its OZombie campaign to secure the film rights to Alice, essentially making a movie based around American McGee’s Alice. It was an interesting idea and given American McGee’s twisted take on the classic story, the movie could have essentially turned out to be a pretty dark movie. However […]

Spicy Horse Wants To Make Alice Video Game Into A Movie
Last week American McGee and his studio, Spicy Horse, launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new game called OZombie, essentially a twisted take on the Wizard of Oz whose style appears to be somewhat similar to America McGee’s previous Alice releases. Now it looks like Spicy Horse’s ambitions have expanded beyond the video game world and they are now interested in possibly making a movie based on the Alice franchise, […]


American McGee Launches OZombie Kickstarter Campaign
20Gamers might probably be familiar with American McGee who helped create the twisted version of Alice in Wonderland, which was known as American McGee’s Alice. A sequel was then released and if you have enjoyed McGee’s take on a classic children’s story, maybe you might be interested in helping McGee and his studio fund a new game titled OZombie. This is essentially a steampunk version of the Wizard of Oz […]

Alice: Otherlands Might Be Launched On Kickstarter
A couple of months ago we reported that American McGee was considering making a sequel to Alice 2, and now it looks like those plans are beginning to get serious as the developer and his studio, Spicy Horse, are starting to put together a video in which they will use to help promote the possible game. Unsurprisingly the developer is thinking about turning to crowd-source funding via Kickstarter, which is […]

American McGee Gauges Interest For Possible Alice 3 Title
American McGee is a developer whose studio helped to create games like Alice and its sequel, Alice: Madness Returns. Both games were pretty fun and twisted in their own way and if a third Alice title were to be released, we’d definitely love to check it out. However the question is, will there be a third Alice title in the franchise? Taking to Facebook, McGee posed the question to fans, […]

Spicy Horse Games’ BigHead BASH enters open beta, free to play
If you’ve ever played American McGee’s Alice and its sequel, you’re no doubt familiar with American McGee’s company, Spicy Horse Games. Well if you’ve enjoyed what they’ve put out so far, the company has recently announced that a new game of theirs, BigHead BASH will be free to play and has entered into its open beta phase today on Kongregate. For those wondering just what the heck is BigHead BASH […]

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is American McGee’s take on Red Riding Hood
If you enjoyed American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns, then you might be interested to hear that American McGee’s studio, Spicy Horse, is currently working on a new game dubbed Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. Just like with Alice, Akaneiro appears to have taken Little Red Riding Hood and has given the character a darker twist, throwing the character into a Feudal Japan setting. Your character will be part of the Order of […]

Alice: Madness Returns might be the last of a good thing
According to video games legend American McGee, “Alice: Madness Returns” may very well be their last boxed product – at least for a while. McGee’s own studio, Spicy Horse, has drawn up plans for the next two years which include concentrating on free-to-play PC titles with the possibility of handheld platforms – at least after Alice: Madness Returns is released.According to American McGee, “I think the handheld market in general, […]