You know how sometimes on Facebook you see posts shared by friends or family, asking you to “Like” a status or photo, after which a dollar will be donated to help a starving child or a war torn country? For the most part it’s nonsense and if you wanted to help, there are definitely better and more legitimate ways of doing so, but perhaps as a parody of the ever popular “Like” button, a collaboration between digital artist, Geoffrey Lillemon and an independent jewelry and apparel company in the UK, Stooki, has turned your “Likes” into something a little more creative.

This concept was created for as a collaboration with Adidas Originals. Titled “Like to Death”, it basically displays a robed figure of death surrounding by symbols which are supposedly “demons”, and with every “Like” clicked by a visitor, the image of Death starts to go up in flames and will eventually disintegrate when the number of Likes hits 20,000. As it stands there are about close to 1,000 Likes, so if you’d like to check out the project, hit up the Adidas websitedeath, or pop on over to The Creators Project blog for the details.

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