pink-bombAt the turn of this month, we brought you word that a teen’s comments in the game “League of Legends” could actually keep him in jail for up to 8 years, and obviously, every single moment that he spent there had not been fun at all. While the debate rages on whether that was the right thing to do as well as whether the judge did the teen right with such a sentence, here we are with another potentially explosive (pardon the pun) event that happened – a Pink fan was arrested after a tweet was sent out with the word ‘bomb’ in it.

This Sydney teen who was on his way to a Pink concert, tweeted about “Timebomb,” a song title by the artist Pink, but the laziness of youth set in, which is why he decided to shorten it to “Bomb.” Needless to say, he was arrested at the venue itself and is staring down potential charges by the court of law that would not sit down well with him and his family. The teen’s sister claimed that her brother is a “Grade A student” who happened to have “forgot to put the Time on there.” What do you think of this event? Are the authorities being overly paranoid, or should they just let the teen go after a stern warning?

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