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Tweet With Word ‘Bomb’ Results In Arrest
The word 'bomb' was spotted in a tweet, which promptly led to the arrest of the person behind the Twitter account.

Tweet Is Now An Official Verb And Noun In Oxford English Dictionary
Tweet is an official Oxford English Dictionary word now.

First tweet from PlayStation Vita
In life, there is plenty of “firsts” involve – who can forget the first time they kissed a girl, and how about that girlfriend of yours with the first night spent together on a romantic riverside cruise, never mind that both of you are more interested at staring at one another rather than look around and enjoy nature’s luscious surroundings? Well, when it comes to the world of video games, […]

Tweet Speaker app reads your tweets to you
What’s the best way to go through the tweets on your timeline without having to read them? You get them read to you of course! Tweet Speaker, a recently released app for iOS devices does just that. Like its name, Tweet Speaker is a Twitter client that does more than just show you your tweets in a snazzy-looking interface. It reads your tweets to you so that you can focus […]


Twitter sues Twittad for using the world "tweet" in its slogan
Another day, another lawsuit. This time it’s the popular micro-blogging social network, Twitter, versus Twittad, a marketing company that uses Twitter to promote its clients. Twitter is suing Twittad for using the word “tweet” in its slogan “Let Your Ad Meet Tweets”. The word “tweet” was trademarked by the social network in 2009, which makes the case seem fair enough – but Twittad had trademarked its own slogan way back […]

R2 robot sends tweets from space
While Japan’s Tweeting-robot won’t be in space until 2013, NASA’s R2 robot that has recently awakened at the International Space Station has started sending us Tweets from space. It has been reported that the R2 (Robonaut 2)’s twitter account @astrorobonaut is now keeping its 43,000+ followers updated about its activity in space.The R2 was designed to show how dexterous robots can cope in a weightless environment, and will eventually be […]

Angry tweet gets customer kicked out of bar
In today’s day and age of modern technology, it is important that we all watch what we say – especially if we do it in on a public outlet like Twitter. Just last week we had the case of the rapper, Game, jamming up the Compton police station hotline because he (or the alleged hacker) decided to post the number online and invited people to call up for a job. […]

Game could face criminal charges over a Tweet
A rapper named Game (formerly known as The Game), could be in trouble over a Tweet that he sent out last Friday – which caused the Compton police station’s hotline to jam up. Game had allegedly sent out a tweet to his 580,000 followers saying that if they wanted an internship they should call a phone number. But the phone number he provided wasn’t to his office or agent – […]

Man makes first ever 3G call and tweet from Mount Everest's summit
In an attempt to prove that 3G radios work at the highest place on Earth, Kenton Cool decided to bring along with him a smartphone on his latest climb up the highest mountain in the world. Did I say latest trip? Yeap. He’s done it previously – eight times to be exact.On his ninth trip up to the peak, (obviously sponsored by Samsung), he brought up with him Samsung’s latest […]

Google has got a Nexus-flavored surprise in store for us (Updated)
It looks like Google has got something up their sleeves for us, but we have no idea what. According to a tweet from the official Google Nexus Twitter account, we’re in for a surprise – and that’s all we get. Google I/O 2011 is only two weeks away – could the announcement be something related to it? Since it’s coming from the official Google Nexus account, it probably has something […]

Creepy app is really creepy
If you’re constantly posting up pictures and sharing them with the world, you should be prepared to face the consequences. An app for the desktop computer called Creepy is a “geolocation information aggregator”. It has the ability to sniff out the locations that a person has been, and where they like going just by sniffing out data on the internet. Almost everything online has some location data attached to it […]

Go800 lets you make calls using Twitter handles
Even though we live in a world with such advanced technology that allows us to easily make free calls over the internet, one thing hasn’t gotten easier though – the memorization of phone numbers. It’s great that we have phones to store contact numbers, but what happens in situations when your phone battery dies you lose access to all your contacts? That’s where Go800 comes into play. Go800 is a […]

Twitter trix0rs Sony into posting ‘secret’ PS3 code
Sony’s PS3 isn’t as secure as Fort Knox that’s for sure, and they are having a pretty tough time keeping the PS3 fine and dandy from the “evil” hacks that has been happening in the past, and policing the Internet is a really tough thing to do as Sony has found out to date. Twitter user @exiva, aka Travis La Marr, decided to send some code to “Kevin Butler,” Sony’s […]

New Twitter malware rampant
With every new form of communication, comes new users and of course new threats to security. Twitter has been around for awhile now, but not everybody understands how it works and a lot of them simply click on links they see, without checking – and that’s how malware (malicious software) spreads. The latest threat to the Twitterverse comes in the form of a fake antivirus program parading around under the […]