R2 Robonaut

While Japan’s Tweeting-robot won’t be in space until 2013, NASA’s R2 robot that has recently awakened at the International Space Station has started sending us Tweets from space. It has been reported that the R2 (Robonaut 2)’s twitter account @astrorobonaut is now keeping its 43,000+ followers updated about its activity in space.

The R2 was designed to show how dexterous robots can cope in a weightless environment, and will eventually be upgraded with the ability to get out of the space station to assist fellow astronauts on space walks. But for now, it remains fixed and stationary in the Destiny laboratory. If you’d like to keep up with the R2’s activities and its daily life, just head over to Twitter and follow it. At this time of writing, the R2 is undergoing a “power soak activity.” which I can only assume means recharging its batteries.

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