Its no secret that gamers like to brag about their achievements, and perhaps having evidence of that would help them easily substantiate their claims. Keb Lobb from Microsoft Game Studios clarified at the San Diego Comic-Con that Xbox One will continually record the last five minutes of every gameplay session, thus allowing gamers to boast about their skills and achievements with proper proof.

These five minute recordings will be stored locally on the Xbox One’s hard drive. Gamers will also have a couple of sharing options, they can say “Xbox, record that” to immediately save the last 30 seconds of the gameplay. Or they can view the entire five minute recording, edit it and even add extras like pictures of themselves playing, taken through Kinect. It was previously said that Xbox One would create clips when gamers unlock achievements, this is the first time that this feature has been detailed. PlayStation 4 owners won’t be left out of the fray, Sony has confirmed that their new console will record the last 15 minutes of every gameplay session. Did it just get tougher to brag?

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