apple-ipad-mini-review-07-640x426A few years ago we got tablets either in the 7” variety or the 10.1” variety from Android manufacturers, while Apple has stuck with its 9.7” display for the iPad, a 7.9” for its iPad mini, but it seems that 8” tablets could be the happy middle between 7” and 10.1” offerings, according to Taiwan manufacturers of tablets who spoke to DigiTimes. According to them, customers are starting to favor the 8” size as it is more usable compared to 7” tablets due to its slightly larger screen, and because it is smaller, it is also cheaper than its 10.1” counterparts.

According to their report, more manufacturers are starting to hop aboard the 8” bandwagon as well, and DigiTimes has named companies such as HP, LG, Lenovo, and ASUS who are expected to follow suit. Assuming that their report on the trends is accurate, it would certainly contradict rumors of Apple and Samsung who are reportedly looking to build 12” tablets which would be going in the other direction, but what do you guys think? Is an 8” tablet a happy middle between a 7” and a 10.1” tablet? In any case we guess we will just have to wait and see if the trend proves to be true.

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