artificial-ear-sculptureNow here is a piece of artistic sculpture that will definitely do more than just sit pretty in view of the general public – the artificial ear sculpture by artist Yang Soo-in, who happens to be backed by an organization known as Lifethings. This particular sculpture has been shaped to resemble that of a large ear, and it can be found right outside the City Hall in Seoul. The whole idea of this particular sculpture is to convey a message to the people that Mayor Park Won-soon and his administration are more than willing to listen to the people.


The entire shape is not there just for novelty purposes, since speaking into the “ear” would see a recording device capture everything that was said, before the recording is played over speakers located at a citizens’ affairs bureau that lays right smack in the basement of City Hall. Motion sensors will be able to know just how long folks are standing under the speakers to determine its playback time. I must say, this is definitely one of the more interesting pieces of art that I have come across, and to see it meld with the world of technology is something else altogether.

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